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Is it worth buying apartments in Sochi: important arguments

Is it worth buying apartments

Apartments in Sochi are a separate segment. In their essence, they are not much different from apartments, however, there are still certain nuances.

Is it worth buying apartments
Is it worth buying apartments


  1. Apartments — what is it?
  2. Features of apartments in Sochi
  3. Investment attractiveness
  4. Should I buy an apartment in Sochi?

The official website of Vincent Real Estate presents a catalog of apartments in Sochi. Among hundreds of proposals, you are guaranteed to be able to find an option that suits the price, location and even the view from the windows!

Apartments — what is it?

The story of whether it is worth buying apartments for recreation, investment and housing, we propose to start with a definition. From a legal point of view, apartments are non-residential premises located in commercial buildings — hotels, hotels, former factories, factories.

Despite the fact that these premises are not residential by status, they have all the conditions for life. At a minimum, these are doors, windows, communication and engineering systems. By the way, tariffs for utilities in apartments are calculated as for commercial premises. Sometimes elite apartments are also called apartments, giving them a certain status and isolation. From a legal point of view, this, of course, is not entirely correct.

A distinctive feature of the apartments is also the high level of internal service offered to their owners. This is another significant plus in the question of whether to buy an apartment instead of an apartment. In many complexes and apart-hotels, owners do not need to worry about cleaning, parking and other household issues. In some houses there is a 24-hour concierge service, whose specialists are always ready to help.

Is it worth buying apartments
Is it worth buying apartments

Features of apartments in Sochi

As mentioned above, Sochi apartments are a very special segment, which is equally well suited for both recreation and investment. We will talk about the benefits of investing in real estate of such a plan below, but for now we will highlight the main features of apartment complexes in the resort town:

  1. Location in the best areas;
  2. First class service;
  3. Prestigious status;
  4. Security and safety;
  5. Large selection of offers.

Also, by scrolling through the virtual catalog on the official website of Vincent Real Estate, you can note for yourself that most of the objects are already completely ready for living and do not require additional investments. Inside there is furniture, appliances, climate equipment. Some apartments are offered for sale with dishes, linens — 100% readiness for life!

As for the location, the apartment complexes are located in the most prestigious locations of the resort town — on the seashore, in the mountains, in the territories of elite sanatoriums and boarding houses. Therefore, if you are faced with the question — whether to buy apartments in Sochi for permanent residence, our answer will be unambiguously in the affirmative!

Clean air, favorable ecological conditions, abundance of greenery and sun are the most obvious advantages. A nice bonus in many apart-hotels is the proximity to important urban infrastructure facilities. You get a unique opportunity to always be aware of key events in the life of the city, enjoy its sights and other benefits.

Why buy an apartment is a fairly common question. We answer — in order to fully enjoy the delights of life in the resort town, its beautiful ecology, greenery, sun and sea. In addition, the owners of such real estate get the opportunity to increase their income. How? More on that below.

Is it worth buying apartments
Is it worth buying apartments

Investment attractiveness

The price of real estate in Sochi is constantly growing — this is a well-known axiom. This is especially true for apartments. Located in the best areas, apart-hotels are always in demand.

There are two ways to earn on apartments:

  1. Invest in an object under construction and resell at a higher price;
  2. Rent out your property and earn monthly income.

The first option is appropriate in cases where a person wants to get a big benefit in a short time period. The second is for people who prefer to receive a stable passive income. In addition, in the second case, there is always the opportunity to sell the apartments. Given the fact that prices are constantly rising, the benefits become obvious.

The rental price is also constantly rising up. It reaches its peak at the height of the tourist season. In Sochi it is summer and winter. For rent, it is better to buy apartments located in locations popular with vacationers — on the seashore, in the mountains, in the city center. Such real estate is popular not only in the high season, but also in the off-season. The answer to the question of whether it is worth investing in apartments will be positive in any case! Even if you do not have the goal of increasing your income, you will have your own real estate in Sochi, where you can come to ignore all worries, enjoy relaxation and harmony with the outside world.

Is it worth buying apartments
Is it worth buying apartments

Should I buy an apartment in Sochi?

We propose to summarize all of the above and come to a common denominator. Apartments in a resort town are always a profitable investment, , moreover, allows the buyer to fully enjoy the benefits and delights of life!

If you are thinking about whether it is profitable to buy an apartment in a city by the sea or not, then the employees of Vincent Real Estate will be happy to help you analyze the financial and investment benefits, calculate the approximate rental income and payback period.

We will also be happy to advise you on other aspects related not only to the investment, but also to the legal sphere. We will tell you whether it is possible to buy apartments in the residential complex of your choice, what are its features and advantages.

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